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To view the site from the beginning to current, go to the bottom, to the button labeled 2006 through to the top labeled/posted 2014.  To view a few quick summarys go to to the "Supreme Court Case #09-1401" button, the "Cutting Edge New Insight" button and the two "Book Report..." buttons. 

The videos are in blue at the top.  On YouTube "Killer Satellites Trailer" and "Killer Satellites Dance" (for a view of ROBOTICS, my body being moved by satellites) and under "Killer Satellites 1 of 11" and "Mind Control 1 of 7".  On Killer Satellites 5 of 11 through 11 of 11 view my Zombie News TV shows. 

The "Torture Diary" is 510 pages long, I recommend reading at least the preface and the conclusion. Additionally read the last 60 pages of the Torture Diary from Update #25 on. 

On Amazon Kindle "Torture Diary" and "Supreme Court Brief" for a cheap copy of each book downloaded to your Kindle account. 

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Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence + Mind Control

Remote Brain Targeting

Tim Shorrock - Spies For Hire

07/15/14     7 Police Officers

NSA Site M Ft. Meade Expansion

NSA Death Camp and Google +

DHS-Department of Homeland Security

48 Generals


Dr. Robert Duncan

NSA wages WW III

Edward Snowden

Mind Control Description

NSA Essay

The Usual Suspects

DOD Inspector General

Shoreline Police & DHS

20130923 LawyerLetter

State Secrets Privilege 01-40

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Court Martial

Defense Attorneys

Long Arm of the LAW

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Airplanes & 9/11

Camp X-Ray


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2/2/2012 Concede Defeat

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Fort Meade, Maryland

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I Am Not The Problem

Close But No Cigar

Special Note to Chief Justice John Roberts

Chief Justice John Roberts

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Supreme Court Case #09-1401

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Suicide or Murder?

Torture Diary

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