Torture and other exotic techniques by satellite surveillance

Lurching on the edge of suicide for eight years because of the painful torture by invisible rays from the satellite surveillance mind control program has given me insight into how the program works. The disruption of my sleep patterns was crippling. The control of my actual thoughts was seamless and compelling. The movement of my arms, legs, head and torso was surprising. When my Intelligence officer worked his magic on those in my immediate proximity I gained insight into how mind control works on groups of people. It is scary, indeed, because 9/11 was a hoax.

Laura Solway

Shared publicly - 6:26 AM
Google's DEEP MIND reads volumes of material and answers questions. Ever think the voice2skull audio loops are, like Apple's Sri voice recognition, listening to you think and answering your TALK BACK with V2K? You are engaging verbally, not with a perp or handler, but a machine. The machine is talking to you AND leading you astray with sinister commands. Mind control of the most compelling. You are a machine-run manchurian candidate. An innocent, set-up and framed patsie. And you are only interacting with a programmer's CODE! Because the NSA server farms have so much computing power it is doable to hundreds and thousands of people at the same time. Mass mind control.

Mass mind control by the hundreds of thousands (i.e., War in the middle east, Ukraine, Africa, China, etc.) creates a world-wide army of ROBOTS. the singularity is here. Flesh & blood robots. Mind controlled generals, pilots, senators, industry leaders, enemies, proletariat, etc. Must we accept this future our TS/SCI security cleared personnel have charted for us?

We are all MIND CONTROLLED ZOMBIES hurtling toward a dystopian future. God save us all from ourselves.