Cell Towers in Cities Worldwide

These cell towers used to NOT EXIST, now they are everywhere in every neighborhood!  Imagine what they could be used for?  

Aurora at 97th and Midvale Ave Seattle WA

Targeted Individual's central nervous system being hit with Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) attack: invisibly.  The US Military is very proud of these weapons and has websites to brag about them.  Their exotic capabilities are highly sophisticated and they control the brain and all that it does.  Primarily, it is used for slow-kill, leading up to barbaric torture and assassination via mysterious, and suicide (which is really murder,) deaths.  The program has been called "silent weapons for quiet wars."  GO FIGURE.  Think the 22 veterans a day who commit suicide.  Think the homeless and opoid crisis.

USAPs (Unacknowledged Special Access Programs) that are cooperative teams (and departments) that work "Inter-Agency" with DOD, Federal Agencies and corporations with secret security clearance agreements do the dirty work.  They are the true "Deep State" and to quote Major General Padilla former head of the National Defense University ARE ONE-SIXTH of the DOD.  The DOD is three million people, so that is half-a million people working "Inter-Agency."

Aurora and 117th Place by Home Depot Seattle WA

Aurora at 130th and Stone, Mary's Place Homeless Shelter, Seattle, WA

I-5 Freeway on 5th Ave between 130th and 145th Park N' Ride by Jackson Golf Course

Verizon on Aurora and 226th by Boo Han Market and Storage Units in Snohomish County, Edmonds, WA

Cannabis shop on Aurora and 200th by Costco & Discount Tires in King County, Shoreline, WA

Christa school, retirement & medical office campus.  190th and Freemont Shoreline

Seattle/Shoreline boundary line at 145th and 15th across from Goodwill and next to Chuck's Auto

Chase Bank and Veterans Affairs Administration at Lake City Way and 125th Seattle WA

Finn Hill Inglewood Village Juanita Drive right by Verizon Store.  Kirkland WA

Shell Station on Juanita Drive at NE 123rd Finn Hill Kirkland WA. 

Fronts of service boxes by Shell Station indicating corporations with a thumb on the scale

West Market Street and 16th Ave W behind store on corner on the way to downtown Kirkland WA

Maple Leaf Hill on Roosevelt at NE 90th in a cluster of towers top of hill near the reservoir Seattle WA 

Roosevelt & 90th Site Number; FCC Registration; Latitude; Longitude; Leasing; Emergency - AND - Sign on side of truck for WORKERS ON TOWER naming business, the workers work for, just down the street at rest of cluster of towers at the park. 

See the worker in the tower (close up and far away) for Day Wireless Systems at top of Maple Leaf hill in Reservoir Park with a total of four workers in Seattle, WA

The other three workers supporting the guy at the top of the tower.  They are feeding him more lines of cable.  The company is Day Wireless Systems.  Maple Leaf Reservoir Park Seattle WA